​Sell t-shirts and other custom products fromTurtleFish Clothing without buying upfront or worrying about handling inventory. Just pick products, then we will create and share your design and story along side with you. We can ship anywhere straight from our store, as well as taking the stress and load off your shoulders of organizing orders.

We hold several different benefits each year to help less fortunate families in our community. We can also help you with any projects or events you're trying to plan and give our creative advice and ideas to help you plan it, raise funds and come up with designs. 

Christmas Assistance Program Donations:

2013 - $600.00

2014- $1,500.00

2015- $4,400.00

2016 - $7,000.00

2017- $11,000.00

2018- $4,600.00

2015- Entrepreneur of the Year:

Nick Weymouth "Owner TurtleFish Clothing"

2016- Food Drive "food fight" Winner:

TurtleFish Clothing -  4,852 items

2016- Business of the Year:

2016- People's Choice Award " Most Community Involved Business"


2016 Salem Indiana's first Halloween Parade

28 entries, 750 spectator attendance 

2017 - Food Drive "food fight" Winner

TurtleFish Clothing  - 9,924 items

2017 Softball Floodraiser Tournament. Raised $4,500 for the big Salem flood victims. . 

2017- People's Choice Award " Most Community Involved Business"

2017  2nd Annual Halloween parade. 

57 entries 1,200 spectator attendance 


3rd Annual  Halloween Parade

36 Entries 2,100 spectators

2018- People's Choice Award

" Most Community Involved Business"

Awards and Accomplishments Through Our Community involvement. 

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Our vision

for the community is for less-fortunate families and children to have access to the things that they need or want.   

Through the children's benefits that we host, our goal is to inspire the children to remember what we helped do for them. In the future, we want them to expand off of that to help children of the next generations in need.

We love our community and we do whatever we can to help it. We strive to inspire others to help out and make a difference in their community as well around the world.

Our Goals

  • To help as many kids in need as we can with "hunger in the summer"  for kids who go hungry when school is out.
  • To help families have a great Christmas
  • To stock the Food Banks as full as we can
  • To help children's and their families have Thanksgiving Dinners.
  • To help kids get everything they need for back to school. Such as clothes, supplies, back packs, etc.
  • To one day be able to help children across the Nation have all of these things.

Our customers know that when they purchase an item form TurtleFish Clothing that a portion goes to helping our community and the families in it. We appreciate each and every one of our customers and supporters.

Some Pictures of Past Benefits We've Held  &Awards We've Won