We specialize in Non-Profit and Fundraising events. 

That's why we offer discounts on those who are holding a Non-Profit event or organization. We started this company by making shirts at lowest cost possible for benefits and Non-Profit events and continue that tradition today. 


Jimmy Sneed

 Co- Founder

             Joe Steepleton

The TurtleFish Clothing Company was founded in Dec, 2012 by Nick 'TurtleFish'' Weymouth, and Joe "Iceman" Steepleton. Later they brought on Jimmy Sneed in June of 2013. Joe passed away on Sept 25, 2014 and is very missed by the entire community.  If it wasn't for Joe and his loving support, ideas, high hopes, and drive, Nick would have given up at the start. The idea they had rapidly evolved from them getting shirts printed at local shops. Into getting their own equipment and doing the shirts them selves. They donated everything they made in the start back into our community. Quickly growing from strictly their own designs into doing shirts for their community, businesses, and citizens. That took the company to the next level offering great quality shirts at a lower price. They opened the first shop on May 1st, 2014.  In that shop they grew faster than they could have ever imagined. Working very long hours and dedicated their lives to making it a career. They out grew that shop after adding more machines and inventory. Then moved on to the Public Square in January 2016, which was a big goal for them to achieve.Today TurtleFish Clothing still donates a generous percentage of its profits into local and national charities. They offer discounts to non-profit organizations and charities. Giving back to the community, one shirt at a time. Their customers love knowing that with every shirt they purchase they are helping to better their community.  We love what we do here, and  hope you do too. 

​Our Story

Custom Designed Apparel
The best part is there are no extra fees such as artist fees, vector fees, set up fees, etc. No minimum or maximum order, you just save more money the more you buy on items such as decals, custom shirts, hoodies, signs, banners, koozies, coffee mugs, hats, all kinds of good stuff. So send us your idea, picture, or logo and we will be happy to do business with you to meet your needs.


Personal and Commercial Decaling
We have an off-site location we take all our big jobs too. Small jobs like window stickers, hoods, windshields, etc. We do right here outside of our shop.
In some cases we will come to your location to apply your decals to your business windows, vehicle, wall decals, etc. Just ask us when you email your idea.


We offer just about anything that could meet your needs in personal, commercial, and promotional. Custom T-shirts, hoodies, long sleeves, hundreds of different styles of clothing to print your logo or design on. Hats, car decals, business windows, boat lettering, mailbox numbers, D.O.T numbers, bumper stickers, and much more.


Nick "TurtleFish" Weymouth